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North Korea: Prayer and Petition for Detained Defectors

I was originally planning on including this with the announcements, but, I decided to be brave and attempt to, with my limited blogging skills, make a separate post and, hopefully successfully, list it under the “Outreach” heading on this blog. If all else fails, it should, at least, show up under “Prayer Requests”?

This is a prayer request, but it is also a request for petition.

As some of you may already know, in recent weeks, North Korea, under Kim Jong-Un, in one of his many efforts to consolidate his power, has been on a crack down of sorts – alarmingly upping their efforts to capture and punish North Korean defectors hiding in China. Since early to mid February, about 31 defectors have been detained. Many of the captured were in the midst of rejoining family who had already defected to South Korea – including one son,  still a minor, whose mother and father both hold South Korean citizenship.

Currently, different groups in Korea and outside are rallying for the Chinese government to release the detained North Korean defectors.

There seem to be several petitions in circulation, but one of the more simpler ones in terms of steps required is

Please sign the petition, and, more importantly, pray for God to move the hearts of the world officials.  North Korea is one of the last closed countries, and for us to freely spread the Gospel there, we need their walls to break down.

For more information: (scroll down for the English portion)

Photo: Political Prison Camp #25, North Korea

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